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Along with cider, fruit wines, meads, alcoholic ginger beer and alcoholic kombucha have enjoyed one of the fastest growth rates of all alcoholic beverages, underlining the continuous popularity of fermented fruit drinks down the ages.


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Since 1987

Our Story

We are the industry association for commercial non-grape winemakers. Our members include cider, fruit wine, mead and liqueur producers and range from high volume operations to small boutique producers.

The association was started in the 80’s when the NZ Fruit Wine Industry was booming.  For the last 30 odd years the annual Fruit Wine and Cider Awards have been held. More recently with the phenomenal growth in popularity of Cider the Association decided in 2015 the Awards needed to be split into the NZ Cider Awards and the NZ Fruit Wine Awards and Cider New Zealand was born.